New Single – Love for the Sake of Love

Modovar’s new single ‘Love for the Sake of Love’ is out on the 24th June 2016.
LFTSOL Cover-website


The digital single release features the new single ‘Love for the Sake of Love’ and exclusive non-album track ‘Stranger’

1. Love for the Sake of Love

2. Stranger


LFTSOL Cover - Remixes-website


Love for the Sake of Love is also available as a remix single featuring remixes from Lloyd Price / DPPLGNGRS and Inertia.

1. Love for the Sake of Love – Lloyd Price Remix

2. Love for the Sake of Love – DPPLGNGRS Remix

3. Stranger – Inertia Mix

Available from all online stores.

New Single – “Another Heart”

Modovar’s new single ‘Another Heart’ is out now.



The digital release features 4 mixes including remixes by Geoff Pinckney, Mark Trueman and Keith Trigwell

1. Another Heart

2. Another Heart  – Geoff Pinckney Remix

3. Another Heart – True Mix

4. Another Heart – Legacy Mix

Available from all online stores.

Q&A with ‘Revival Synth’

Modovar recently took time to answer questions placed by Revival Synth.  The article features on their website and is reproduced below.

When/Where did Modovar begin?


We first met when Glen responded to an advert that I placed online in May 2010.  I was looking for a producer to work with and Glen’s was the only response I got!  Fortunately fate played a great hand on that day as I found my perfect musical partner.  Like any relationship, a musical one has to have the right chemistry and something clicked that day.

Where does the name come from?


We wanted a name that people couldn’t attach a direct meaning or association to.  We played about with various options but nothing felt right to both of us until I suggested Modovar.  One of my favourite film directors is Pedro Almodovar (Bad Education, All About My Mother, The Skin I Live In etc) and so the bands’ name is partly in homage to him.  I love the tragi-comic, slightly absurd, deeply psychological aspects to his films.  Although they are slightly melodramatic there is always something deeply human about his work which always resonates with me.  For me, any art whether it’s film or music should have an emotional context and so I hope that our work has that in common with Almodovar.  Modovar is also apparently derived from Arabic and is ‘Of Uncertain Origin’ which also appealed to us as it linked to the name with no direct meaning.

Your debut album from last year ‘The Sea Of Unspoken Words’ was one minute dramatic ballads and then dance floor blasters the next. Let’s say Highs & Lows,  Was that the purpose of the album? Read more

New Single – “Cold’

Modovar’s only release of 2014 is the brand new single ‘Cold’ which is released on 5th November.

Cold Cover


The digital release features 5 mixes including remixes by Dr Atmo, Simon Forsyth and Modovar

1. Cold – Radio Edit

2. Cold – Original Mix

3. Cold – Dr Atmo Move Mix

4. Cold – Arctic Roll Mix

5. Cold – Empty Promises Remix


Here’s what Christopher recently told ‘Revival Synth’ about the song:

‘‘Cold’ was written in the studio in about 30 minutes and the vocal that you hear on the release is the very first vocal that went down as we were writing the song. We tried re-recording it but couldn’t better the original when obviously, emotions were running high! ‘Cold’ is autobiographical and is about someone emotionally inconsistent, who would ‘blow hot and cold’ and so I never knew where I stood with them. They’re long gone but we have a great song so I can thank them for that – laughs!”